Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding Myself

I sent in my laptop to be fixed and it came back a week and a half later with a new hard drive. Humm. I had backed everything up, or close to everything, but had lost my link and info for Blogger. Despite having Roboform, the profile I'd saved was before I'd signed up, so I spent a good hour yesterday looking for the password. I have too many accounts on Google, I think. Finally, kindness looked upon me with well, kindness. I found it! And I'm back.


  1. Welcome back! I had wondered what happened. At least most of your files were on back-up.

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  3. Hey, thanks for reading! Yeah I didn't know they'd take away my hard drive. So frustrating. I got my 50 demo badge yesterday. Also did the glowing rock collection though my houses are in my datapad so there's nowhere to put them. What server are you on?