Friday, March 20, 2009


There are no more abandoned structures on Tarq that I can find. I roamed around willy nilly here and there but haven't found a one. I was able to do two the other night, I think. Now I'm just wandering and I think it may be time to move servers. I'm thinking of Bloodfin, but I'm not completely sure. Everyone and their brother from Tarq seems to have headed to Starsider, but my name isn't available there. What to do?

I don't even know if I will have anywhere to put my house down on the new server. I really want to be in a city, but it's going to be difficult getting permission if I'm not in a guild. I've been in GEN for years, but GEN doesn't have its own guild on Bloodfin, I don't think. If I want to be in a guild, I'll have to apply to a new one. Or I can just stay without a guild. Hmmm.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Demolishing Structures

I'm lucky I haven't left Tarquinas yet because I'm hearing how difficult it is proving for people to find abandoned structures to demolish on the more populated servers. The free transfer offer expires at the end of the month, and I'm working hard on getting my badges. I've got the first one and missed a couple of days but I'm trying to get back on track.

Finding Myself

I sent in my laptop to be fixed and it came back a week and a half later with a new hard drive. Humm. I had backed everything up, or close to everything, but had lost my link and info for Blogger. Despite having Roboform, the profile I'd saved was before I'd signed up, so I spent a good hour yesterday looking for the password. I have too many accounts on Google, I think. Finally, kindness looked upon me with well, kindness. I found it! And I'm back.