Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love in the Time of the Ewoks

Today is day something or other of the great Ewok Festival of Love. I have earned my "wings" (photo to come) and have been running around Kadaara all day looking for that little bugger -- I mean lovely fluffy flying Ewok, Kyoopid. I set up a target on him so a bit after 6pm this evening, I found him lounging by a fountain just about 75m from the circle of dancing Ewoks. Hurrah!

I have now earned two new badges: Emmissary of the Festival of Love and Disciple of Kyoopid. I also matched up a girl named Betty. Yesterday I helped Bob find love. I'm so NICE!

I must say, running all over the place has got me exhausted. My boots are going to wear out if I have to keep this up. At least there will be no more looking for Kyoopid. I just have to find love for 6 more people and I'm home free with a 3rd badge.

The whole Chak Heart thing is getting me down; aside from being able to buy my wings, I purchased the painting of two Ewoks in love (at least I think that's what it is all about) but I haven't enough hearts for anything else. Maybe I will invest in the chocolate fountain or the decorative berries because there's precious little I really want. My house is kind of crowded as it is. Well, two houses, actually. But one is a large Naboo which I hate. I so long for a bunker.

Overall I'm very disappointed with the whole Festival. Vincer Kaden had some great ideas for the Festival but alas, we are stuck with chasing flying carebears all over the cities.

I think I'll go home and have some leftover Hoth chocolate and relax. I have much to do tomorrow!

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