Monday, February 16, 2009

The Day I Met Darth Vader

Some months ago, I happened upon Darth Vader after he landed right smack in the middle of Theed. Well, maybe not in the middle of Theed, but right in the open area outside the spaceport.

I sauntered up to him, thoroughly unimpressed with his height (he looks so much bigger on the viewscreen!) and proceeded to poke him for all the bad crap he's pulled over the years.

Lo and behold, Lord Vader was not in good spirits, for he used Force Choke to bring me to my knees, and I ended up coughing and sputtering in front of all my friends (wait, who am I kidding? All my friends have deserted me so at least I was alone but for the few Stormtroopers who didn't even seem to care that I was poking their leader.) Being the rapscallion that I am, I poked him again with the same result.

He really is a grumpy Sith. My beloved met him on Hoth about a month or so ago and Vader was in an even more grumpy mood because he attacked Xanthus for merely looking his way.

If you see Vader, poke him for me will ya?

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